DKoK: Master of the Fleet

I needed to add a Master of the Fleet to my Krieg Co. Command squad. He’s obviously not from within the regiment, so the current GW mini could of worked. However I wanted to use a head with a rebreather to sort of tie in with the rest of the army. I was having a [...]

DKoK: Showcase

Here are the first images of my completed Death Korps of Krieg army. The armylist is doing pretty well in the games I’ve had. It’s also really fun! The army consists of 4 chimera, 2 hydra, 2 manticore, 2 banewolf, 3 vendettas, 4 melta vets a plasma co. command and marbo.


Short version: use this website if you live in Australia or New Zealand. Are they recasts? Yes. Is the website dodgey as hell? Yes. Is it full or errors and spelling mistakes? Yes. Is it a scam/fake website? No. Is there a notable difference in quality? No, the only difference is forge world minis come [...]

Deathwing: Sergeant

My desk is now a bit further from my lamp so the photos are not as good Going to sort something out and re-upload this guy a little later on!

Pink Marine – One off lol

Painted this as a late addition to my girlfriends birthday present. All in all took me about 4 hours from deciding to do it, making the base, finding a pink that works mixing red and white, and painting the dude. His face is pretty sloppy but I didnt want to go hardout. I did a [...]

Bitz Bash

Here are some real bitzzers! I’ve got 2 5 man assault marine squads and they had the default box art style of sergeants. I decided to redo them! The Dark Angel storm shield and power sword are so BORING. Swords straight up and down, and the shield can’t be positioned any way but one. With [...]

Belial Redux

Belials Shield?

Deathwing: Belial, Cyclone Missile Launcher

Wups been a while since I updated this. Been actually playing games with these guys and having a lot of fun. Two draws and a 7th turn lose if you were wondering >.> Anyway here is Belial. Converted from Scibors SF Angel Knight The Standard Bearer and Cyclone Missile Launcher with Forge World bitz.

Deathwing: Landraider Redux

Ok here’s the short story. 10 years + old Land Raider painted green with bone panels. Plastic glued on DA extras when they were first released so like 6-7 years ago? Anyway there was no removing them even though I wanted to swap a few. Paint was thick as shit so I attempted to strip [...]